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Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer [Teen Fiction]

by Sierra, 7th grader

Eclipse is the third Twilight book. The main character in this book, Bella, is in love with a vampire. This is the reason why she is being stalked by a lethal vampire who wants revenge. Werewolves and vampires unite to destroy the vampire and her army. While this is going on, Bella also has to choose between Jacob Black and Edward. Read this book to find out what happens.


New Moon

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Sierra, 7th grader

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is the second book in the Twilight series. This book continues the adventures in Bella Swan’s crazy life. After falling in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen, she soon realizes that she cannot live without him. On her 18th birthday party at the Cullens’ house, she gets a paper cut and Edward’s brother Jasper leaps at her. Edward thought it would be safest for Bella if him and his family left. (this was not the first time her life was in danger bacause of him) Bella could not live life normally without Edward, until she met Jacob Black. She spends all of her time with him to ease the pain she has. But Jacob soon becomes a werewolf, and Edward believes that Bella is dead. Bella ends up having to go save Edward before he tries to kill himself. This book is full of excitement, danger, and romance. I would suggest reading New Moon in the near future.


Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Sierra, 7th grader

Twilight follows Isabella Swan on her crazy life. She moves from sunny, hot Arizona to cold, rainy Forks, Washington. There she meets mysterious Edward Cullen and his family. He is a vampire. He saves her from a car crash and she figures it out when long time family friend, Jacob Black, tells her a story about ‘the cold ones’. Since she figures that out, her life is constantly in danger, but she cannot leave Edward because she believes she loves and cannot live without him. Then they encounter James and his vampire coven. James gets a whiff of Bella’s sent and starts another one of his “tracking games”. This forces Bella out of forks and she ends up facing him in an old ballet studio. Read this book to find out what happens next, you won’t regret it.