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The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

By Elise
The Lost Hero is the same setting as the Lightning Thief series.  Piper, Jason, and Leo, three friends, find out that they have one parent who is a Greek God.  It is up to them to fulfill an ancient prophecy and stop the world.  There is only one problem.  Jason can’t even remember who he is.


By Elise
The Throne of Fire is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series.  Sadie and Carter now have to defeat the most evil force in all of ancient Egypt or the entire world will end and chaos will take over.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

By Elise
The Red Pyramid is the first book in the series the Kane Chronicles.  The two main characters are Sadie and Carter Kane.  After their father dies trying to protect them they discover that they are magicians of ancient Egypt and the Egyptian gods are real.  The most evil of them all is after them and trying to kill them.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

By Raveeshna
The Book Thief
takes place in Germany before and during World War II.  The story is told from the point of view of Death which was something that I found intriguing.  Since this death is more interested in colors.  He finds the story of the Book Thief, Liesel Meminger, very interesting, and she brushes Death three times in her life.  The story starts with Liesel’s mother taking Liesel and her brother to live with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hbermann in Molching, as she cannot provide for them.  Her brother dies on the train and it is at his funeral that she steals her first book The Grave Digger’s Handbook which fell into the show, though she cannot read.  To her books seem to be something precious.  Although Rosa her mother often insults Liesel by calling her a “dirty pig” (saumensch in German), it is just her prickly way of showing affection.  Hans the father teaches Liesel how to read.  Liesel befriends Rudy Steiner, a boy who loves her and is also her best friend.  She continues stealing books from various sources, but mainly the library of Ilsa Hermann, the mayor’s wife.  She also steals once from a Nazi book burning, and during all this her foster family helps a Jewish man named Max Vandenburg, whose father saves Hans’ life during World War I and shows him her story the book she had begin writing about her life titled The Book Thief.  Although Max leaves Poland later due to problems i is Max hat will help her n the end.  This novel was one of the most moving.  It made me cry at the end actually but the fact is that the authors style gave the story  a hint of childishness to go along with the main character that made it even more moving.  The novel had a sense of innocence that one doesn’t typically find in this subject of the Holocaust.

Cold Mountain By: Charles Frazier

cold mountain coverBy Raveeshna

The story starts in a Confederate military hospital where Inman (the male lead) is recovering from battle wounds.  Tired of fighting for a cause he never believed in and longing for his home at Cold Mountain, he sneaks out of the hospital after nightfall and sets out west on a journey.  The narrative alternates between the story of Inmn and that of Ada Monroe.  Ada is a minister’s daughter who moves from the city to the farm in the rural mountain called Cold Mountain.  Also, throughout the novel the author flashbacks to the two’s past before the civil war split them apart.  When Ada’s father dies in Black Cove, the farm that Ada lived on, is reduced to a state of despair.  Her friends feeling pity fr her, sent a friend by the name of Ruby to see Ada.  Ruby teaches her how to survive but on the condition that she is treated as an equal rather than a servant.

Throughout the story, Inman faces many different dangers that befall an escaping the Confederate shoulder.  It is there that he learns of the different faces of humanity.  While Ada attempts to reconcile Ruby with her abusive father that abandoned her as a child.  This book continues until Ada and Inman are reconciled.  The author is able to convey a sense of irony in the love that the two express to each other.  The true thing that they long for is not the other as much as the past that the two represent.  The past that contained harmony and safety that the war ripped apart, and their love for each other is not love for a person as much as it is the two of them being in love with the idea of being in love.  But it was the very illusion that helped them overcome the difficulty they had faced and it was for those very reasons that I enjoyed the novel.  For it was an interesting twist to a basic romantic plot line.

By Raveeshthe hitchhiker's guide book coverna

This novel was written before the movie came out and this story was originally a series of radio programs that Adams had taken and written together into a novel format.  This novel revolves around a certain Englishman by the name of Author Dent who became the only surviving human from the supercomputer called Earth, due to a kind hitchhiker by the name of Forde Perfect.  This book takes the reader through Dent’s journey though the “universe, time, and everything else.” where he attempts to find the “man who really rules the universe”and the true history of the game cricket.  He also visits the restaurant at the end of the world, starts the human race on earth, goes mad, an escapes the revenge on a reincarnated soul.  Along the way he also reads Gods last words to his creations and becomes a splendid sandwich maker in a primitive world.  To sum it all up, this story is great for a person who wishes for a good laugh.  Something that I can guarantee will happen when they meet in the Hooloovoo, or Marvin the depressed robot.  This is a novel that has a ship-load of sci-fi, a sprinkle of romance, and slight attacks at life in general that will leave the reader wishing for more.  By the way, the people that I have mentioned are not all the characters present in this novel  There are also many other adventures that happened that I have not mentioned along with the interesting explanations for the events in question, though I must also warn you that this novel is only for those who are willing to sacrifice a large portion of one afternoon to read.

The Warlock by Michael Scott

By Rhea

The Warlock, by Michael Scott, is the fourth book in the series, which started with The Alchemist. The end is rapidly approaching. The twins of legend, Sophie and Josh, have been divided. Sophie remains with the Flamels, the Alchemist and the Sorceress, while Josh has joined Dee, the Necromancer. Both are uncertain of their decisions, unsure if they are following the right path. Josh is mad at his sister for imprisoning the beautiful “woman” he and Dee brought to this world. Sophie, however, misses Josh more than anything. She will do anything and everything to bring him back. To add to the problems, the Alchemist is dying and the twins’ beloved friend, Scatty, is trapped in the past. Nothing seems to be going right for the Alchemist and his group, while Dee is about to take control of the world. But there is still time…

The Warlock is an exciting, fast-paced book. This entire series is amazing. Not once has this book been predictable, and I have been kept at the edge of my seat. The plot is perfect and there are many surprises, all of which are completely unexpected. Additionally, the ending has one final twist that no one can possibly see coming. It has lots of action and is very fast paced. I think that just about everyone will love this book! The only problem is that much of the plot has its roots in ancient mythology, and thus it is often hard to understand and remember different characters and items. This is just a minor problem, and all in all the book is great. It is a must-read!

By Rhea

Lockdown, by Alexander Gordon Smith, is the first book in the Escape from Furnace series. Alex was a “normal” kid. He wasn’t all that bad, but he often stole. He stole from everyone in hopes of making some quick cash. One day, he and his friend Toby break into a specific house when they hear someone. Turns out there are many men in the house, and they are not there to stop the two boys. They shoot Toby and frame Alex. Because of this, Alex is sent to Furnace Penitentiary, a new underground prison for juvenile delinquents. Once there, Alex realizes that the horrors there are worse than anything on Earth. During the “day” things are bad enough in the tough conditions, but things are even worse at night. That’s when inmates are taken from their cells and never seen again. But when all hope seems lost, Alex and his group of friends come up with a plan for the impossible: escape from furnace. Chances of escape are slim, and the consequences are worse than death. Can they make it?

Lockdown is a great book, but many may not like it. The plot is great and the book is very intense. This book keeps you on your toes. However, some may find this book too violent. There isn’t much violence itself in the book, but “some scenes may be too frightening for children.” There are some pretty gruesome things that happen in this book. I think that this is an amazing book, but it is violent. Many parts of the book are also a little depressing. However, I love this book, and you should give it a chance, too!

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

By Rhea

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is the story of two men, George and Lennie, who are an unlikely duo of ranch workers.  George is the “leader,” always taking charge and looking after Lennie.  He never quite trusts anyone but himself and Lennie.  Lennie, however, is his complete opposite.  He is a large, strong man, and is thus a great worker.  But Lennie is not as mentally developed as most people.  His behavior is primitive, and like that of a child.  The two men always stay together, and they share a dream.  Currently they work difficult jobs for small wages at a ranch, but they want to change this.  The two hope to save enough money to buy their own ranch so that they don’t have to listen to anyone but themselves.  It is a difficult dream to achieve, but they meet others on the ranch to help them through, like a man named Candy who wants to join them.  However, they also face obstacles, like Curly, the ranch owner’s son, who is out to get them.  And of course, there is the beautiful and dangerous woman on the ranch, who also turns out to be Curly’s wife.  With all these problems, will George and Lennie achieve their dream, or will it all come crashing down?

Of Mice and Men is a book that all FHS students are currently required to read.  It is not an amazing book, but it is not that bad either.  It is a pretty easy read, and is not too long.  The story and plot are not that bad either, and the end of the book is both surprising and sad.  It has a lot of motifs and literary devices, so it is a good book for English class.  I didn’t love the book, but I felt it was pretty good because of the ending.  Everyone has to read the book, so there isn’t much of a choice, but don’t worry because it isn’t all that bad.

By Rhea

A Tale fo Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, is set in both England and France.  Conditions in France are horrible.  The rich love life while the poor barely survive.  A revolution is brewing, quietly but quickly.  Mr. Lorry is a banker at Tellson’s, a bank which has branches in both countries.  Lucie Manette is an orphan, a ward of the bank.  The two meet so that Mr. Lorry can tell Lucie that her father, who she believed to be dead, is still alive.  Together, they go to a man named Defarge’s wine shop.  This man used to work for Lucie’s father, Dr. Manette, and now houses Dr. Manette for “safe keeping.”  Dr.  Manette must be kept safe because, after 18 years in prison, he has finally been released.  However, his mental state is horrible and he has no recollection of who he is or what happened to him.  Together, Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry, and Lucie return to England and try to bring Dr. Manette back to his original state.  While this may not seem like much, these actions lead to these characters and many others to become intertwined with the French revolution.  There is great happiness, but immense loss.

A Tale of Two Cities is surprisingly a very good book.  The summary above is only about the first part of the book.  The actual story is has many different characters and plots that all come together at the end, and it is much too hard to summarize.  In Farmington, all students must read this book as Freshmen.  Most people who read this hate it in the beginning.  Nothing really happens in the beginning, and it is very hard to read and understand.  However, as the book continues, the plot progresses and gets much more interesting.  Towards the end everything starts to come together.  The end is actually very interesting and impossible to put down.  I would recommend that everyone read this book, but one must be a very advanced reader in order to understand it.  The language is very different and difficult to understand.  Also, there are many literary devices which are very confusing.  If your are up to the challenge, read this book!  (If not, you will have to read it anyway in ninth grade.)