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Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Olga

17 year old Isabella Swan has been living with her mother in Phoenix, Arizona most of her life. Last year Bella’s mom Renee got married. Phil, her stepfather is a minor league baseball player so they started traveling and had to move. That’s when Bella decided to go to Forks, Washington, to move in with her father, Charlie. In the beginning she misses Phoenix terribly, but becomes very interested in the Cullens. Especially Edward. She makes new friends, Jessica, Angela, Mike, and Eric. Bella and Edward both fall in love, but since Edward is a vampire he must stay away from her. As Bella does some research she finds out what he is. The next day he takes her into the woods…Eric, Tyler, and Mike see that Bella likes Edward and they are jealous. Edward introduces Bella to his family: Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. When they go out to play baseball, they stumble into “the game”: James, Victoria, and Laurent, who are not like the Cullens. They don’t diet on animals, instead humans…there are several life-threatening situations. And then comes Jacob. Also in love with Bella…

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Rebel Angels

Rebel Angels, by Libba Bray [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Annie, highschooler

I’ve just finished Rebel Angels by Libba Bray and I thought that it was the perfect sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, while also leaving room for third book, which is now out, and I intend to read it next.  I would give this book THREE STARS ( * * * ) because I thought the plot was very addictive.  I really liked how Gemma, Felicity, and, Ann explore more of the realms and I loved how I got to sort of create my own idea of the beautiful lands, using Libba Bray’s descriptive imagery.  The twist at the end of the book was something that I never would have expected, but I was kind of disappointed, I really like Miss Moore!  I thought that Pippa’s character would become even more evil in the end, but Bray left that portion somewhat open-ended to leave plot for the third installment.  I do hope that the alliance between Kartik and Gemma holds strong in the next book, because, I LOVE KARTIK!!!!  Oh, and also, what is with this Simon kid?  Does he really love Gemma, or does he just think they would “make a fine match”?  I really hope Gemma picks Kartik in the end!! (I would!) It seems as if I’ve truly become engrossed in this series’ plot, but the part that I really love about the books are the time period that they are set in; 1895.  The detail is great and everything is quite accurate. In addition, I love to imagine that beautiful everything of the era; it takes me back in time…  I love it!!!!

Once Upon a Marigold

Once Upon a Marigold, by Jean Ferris [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Kaitlyn, age 12

Once Upon a Marigold is funny, romantic, and suspenseful.  This book includes a boy named Christian who lives with a forest troll named Ed.  As he grows older, Christian begins to fall in love with the princess marigold of Beauverage, the kingdom across the river.  Queen Olympia of Beauverage, Marigold’s mother, is plotting to exterminate Marigold and King Switherbert, so that she can be sole ruler.  The plot takes a little while to speed up, but when it does, Once Upon a Marigold is an overall great short read (272 pages).

Employee of the Month

Movie review: Employee of the Month [rated PG-13]

Reviewed by Crystal

I thought Employee of the Month was an excellent movie. It’s a great comedy and romance movie. The plot was the best part. It took place in a supermarket called “Superclub” and it’s about a lazy employee, Zack, that has never won employee of the month. A new girl, Amy, transferred to his store because she dated the employee of the month from the other store she worked at. They broke up and she didn’t want to deal with the fact she had to work with him. Zack finds out about why she is now working at his store and he thinks that if he becomes employee of the month she will go out with him. He competes for employee of the month against his “enemy”, Vince. Zack becomes so involved in trying to win employee of the month that he forgets about his friends and ditches them when they have plans. Amy then finds out that Zack is only trying to win employee of the month for her and she gets upset. To find out what happens next, watch the movie!

I recommend this movie to anyone because it will give you a good laugh and it will teach you that if you want something really bad, you should do it for yourself and not for the other perseon, so they will accept you.