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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

By Raveeshna
The Book Thief
takes place in Germany before and during World War II.  The story is told from the point of view of Death which was something that I found intriguing.  Since this death is more interested in colors.  He finds the story of the Book Thief, Liesel Meminger, very interesting, and she brushes Death three times in her life.  The story starts with Liesel’s mother taking Liesel and her brother to live with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hbermann in Molching, as she cannot provide for them.  Her brother dies on the train and it is at his funeral that she steals her first book The Grave Digger’s Handbook which fell into the show, though she cannot read.  To her books seem to be something precious.  Although Rosa her mother often insults Liesel by calling her a “dirty pig” (saumensch in German), it is just her prickly way of showing affection.  Hans the father teaches Liesel how to read.  Liesel befriends Rudy Steiner, a boy who loves her and is also her best friend.  She continues stealing books from various sources, but mainly the library of Ilsa Hermann, the mayor’s wife.  She also steals once from a Nazi book burning, and during all this her foster family helps a Jewish man named Max Vandenburg, whose father saves Hans’ life during World War I and shows him her story the book she had begin writing about her life titled The Book Thief.  Although Max leaves Poland later due to problems i is Max hat will help her n the end.  This novel was one of the most moving.  It made me cry at the end actually but the fact is that the authors style gave the story  a hint of childishness to go along with the main character that made it even more moving.  The novel had a sense of innocence that one doesn’t typically find in this subject of the Holocaust.


Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

By Rhea

Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce, is spin on Little Red Riding Hood.  Scarlett and Rosie are two girls living by themselves.  They live alone since the death of their grandmother, who was killed by a Fenris, or a werewolf.  One the night of the death of their grandmother, Scarlett defended her sister, and ended up with scars and the loss of an eye.  Rosie remained unharmed.  Now both sisters hunt the Fenris to save others from a fate like their grandmother’s.  Both girls wear their red cloaks, a color that the Fenris love, and try to attract the Fenris in order to destroy them.  But the Fenris start to show up more and more, and they seem stronger than ever before.  They are looking for a Potential, a specific person who can easily become a werewolf.  To stop the werewolves for killing any others, and to find the potential, the girls and their friend, Silas, move to the city.  But there is even more danger in the city, especially when one is not being careful…

Sisters Red is an amazing book!  I loved this book.  Everything about it was good.  It had a good storyline without any holes, and the characters were realistic.  The twist at the end was also pretty surprising, which made the story even better.  I do not have any complaints about this book.  This is the best modern fairytale I have read, and I have read a lot of these kinds of books.  This was a great book and a must read!

By Rhea

My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, is the story of young Anna, who is suing her family for rights to her body.  She was conceived for a special purpose: to help her sister survive.  Her sister, Kate, has a special and deadly form of Leukemia.  Anna was born to be the perfect match for Kate.  She would be the perfect donor to save Kate’s life.  But after blood and marrow donations, Anna has had enough.  All her life she has been giving, but this time, they are asking for too much.  Her family wants her to donate a kidney to help Kate live.  Anna just can’t do this.  She wants to be her own person for once, but before she can do this, she must win the court case against her parents.  And that is not going to be easy.  Her mom wants her to cancel the suit and at the same time donate the kidney.  While she wants Anna to be happy, but she also wants Kate to live.  If Anna doesn’t donate, her sister will die.  With all the conflicting emotions, Anna doesn’t know what to do.  It all depends on the judge’s decision…

I both loved and hated My Sister’s Keeper.  The story is captivating, and it opens a new window into the lives  of those who have family members suffering from a disease.  Many will be able to connect to the characters and their problems because the whole story is so life-like.  The story on a whole is good, which is why I loved the book.  However, I hated the book because of the ending.  The ending is a complete surprise, and it shocked me.  The book is great but at the same time immensely sad.  One should only read this book if they are ready to both love and hate it, as I am sure they will.

Top of the Feud Chain by Lisi Harrison

By Rhea

Top of the Feud Chain is the final novel in the Alphas series, a series stemming from the Clique series.  The time to choose the Alpha for life is fast approaching, but Shira has left the island, leaving the girls up to their own adventures.  Instead of having fun since there is no longer anyone to stop them, the girls invent their own challenges, each one hoping to prove that she is the Alpha for life.  After winning one of these challenges, Skye is challenged by friends of the Skye’s defeated opponent.  They agree on a race through the sky using planes.  Since Skye isn’t great at flying the planes, she calls on her friends, Allie, Charlie, Taz, Mel, and Darwin, to help her win.   But things go horribly wrong and the plane crashes into the Mojave Desert, leaving the six friends stranded.  How will they survive?

Top of the Feud Chain is an overall good book.  While it is probably not the book for boys, girls will definitely like it.  If one has liked the Clique series and the previous Alphas books, then they will surely like this book.  While I do not usually enjoy these books, I really like this one.  It has a surprising twist at the end that no one could have seen coming.  The plot is very good and the final twist brings everything together, making it a good book.  Try it!

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

Cover image of Touching Spirit Bear Reviewed by Vini

This book called “Touching Spirit Bear” is about juvenile delinquent Cole Matthews who mad a bad choice and ended up on an island for his punishment. Cole robbed a band and bragged about it at school. Someone ratted on him and Cole beat the kid, smashed him on a sidewalk and spit on him. He got sent to the island then and learned how to control his anger. One thing I liked about this story is that cole and the boy he beat up become friends. One thing I don’t like is that the only reason he made a bad choice was because of his father. His father beat him with a belt everyday. Cole just couldn’t take it anymore and just robbed the bank.

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Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Strings Attached book cover image









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Reviewed by Kendall

Strings Attached by Judy Blundell is a novel about Kit Corrigan who is a struggling dancer in the 1950’s.  She has strayed from her boyfriend, Billy, who has joined the army to get away from his father, a lawyer involved in the mob.  Out of the blue, Nate, Billy’s father, provides Kit with an apartment and a steady dancing job, as long as she keeps him informed about Billy.  Nate leads Kit to believe that there are no strings attached to this deal, but there are.

I enjoyed the book, because there were multiple plots tied into one main story.  As you read the book, suspense builds, and there are many unexpected turns that couldn’t possibly be guessed.  I had no problem sitting down for a period of time and reading the book, because there was always something new happening.  This wasn’t one of my favorites, but I definitely don’t regret reading it.

Strings Attached was an easy read, that wasn’t hard to follow and can be enjoyed by most people who read it.  However, I think the book is geared mostly towards girls who do in fact like drama.  The end of the book was good, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Overall, I recommend this book, unless you are someone who isn’t particularly into drama, it will most likely please you.

Define Normal

Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters

Define Normal book cover image

Reviewed by Shruti

Define Normal is about two girls that notice, after a long time that they have a lot in common. Their names are Antonia and Jazz. Jazz is a punk goth kid. Antonia acts like she has to be a perfect good girl, but they both have their own secrets in their lives. Jazz’s parents own a country club and Jazz is crazy rich. Antonia’s mom has a mental sickness. When they meet they notice that they have a lot in common. They both wish they could change their lives to make it the way they want it. Jazz wishes her parents would stop fussing over the way she is. Antonia wishes that her mom would think more of the family and get better. After Antonia’s mom has a mental breakdown Jazz’s family comes in to take care of Antonia and her two little brothers, Michael and Chuckey. Will Antonia’s life ever be normal? Read the book to find out.

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Waiting for Normal

Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor

Waiting for Normal book cover image

Reviewed by Natalie

I’ve just finished the book Waiting for Normal. This book is about a girl named Addie who is “waiting for normal”. Addie’s mom is divorced and careless. She leaves Addie for days to go see guys. Addie just wants normal. She wants to live with her step sisters, ex-step dad and his girlfriend. She wants to sit around a table surrounded by family instead of being surrounded by no one. She wants a family! To see if Addie gets normal read this book!

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Pieces of Georgia

Pieces of Georgia, by Jen Bryant [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Jordan

The book Pieces of Georgia is an excellent book. In the book, there is a quiet girl named Georgia who is claimed “shy.” The school’s social teacher gives her a journal and tells her to “go write down feelings and events that happen in your life.” Being a young girl, Georgia gets curious when an envelope comes in for her, requesting that they’ll grant her membership to a Brandywine River Museum after school to study the building and its paintings. She thinks carefully about who painted it and what it means (techniques.) To see if researching and writing will make her art career take off. I recommend reading Pieces of Georgia.

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Define Normal

Define Normal, by Julie Anne Peters [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Natalie

I have just finished the book Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters. This book is about two girls (Antonia and Jazz) who are in peer counseling together. Antonia’s mother has a mental issue and Antonia has to take care of her two younger brothers alone since her dad abandoned her. Jazz’s parents are way too strict and doesn’t give Jazz the freedom she wants. When Antonia meets Jazz in teen counseling Antonia tries to find every possible way to quit, thinking that Jazz is a psycho punk, and other bad things, but she never thought that Jazz would love to play classical music on her piano or that she would soon be best friends with this “punk.” I personally like this book because it was a page turner and it was very suspenseful. To find out what happens in Antonia and Jazz’s lives, read this book!

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