A Place to Call Home, by Jackie French Koller [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Corey

I read this book because it was one of the books I had to read, but at the same time I sort of enjoyed it. I enjoyed how the author describes the situation of her mom’s suicide. At one part, when she is at the park that she has her little hangout in the log cabin, she sees a yellow glow emitting from the lake and then she takes a closer look and realizes that is her mom’s yellow station wagon that she had been driving when she left. Then the main character meets reality and discovers that her mom is probably long gone. She tries to think what she should do because her two siblings, mostly the five-year-old, keeps asking, “When’s Mommy coming home?” and she doesn’t have an answer for her question. She decides to play it cool and say that she is coming home — that way they don’t get put into foster care without their siblings. Then before she has time to cherish the last week or two with them, someone other than her finds the station wagon and they call the cops and then every one of the siblings is wanted except her, so find out what happens. Does she go with them? Does she find a family to live with?