The Merchant of Death, by D.J. MacHale (Pendragon series, bk. #1)

Review by Fudi

Bobby Pendragon is a normal teenage boy. Well, almost normal, besides the fact that his uncle can travel between worlds and now, apparently, so can he. When, at last, he finally gets the nerve to kiss his crush, that he has liked since forever, things don’t turn out so great. Press, his uncle, breaks down the door and grabs him into a roller coaster of worlds and a whole lot of adventure.This book, The Merchant of Death, is about Denduron, one of the 10 territories, and it’s never ending battle to save it. You see, Bobby is trying to stop this world from chaos but everywhere he turns, evil is lurking. Can he and his uncle save this world before it’s taken over by Saint Dane, that’s the bad guy that wants to take over the worlds once they’ve all fallen apart, read the book to find out!

In my opinion, this is a very great book. The description and plot, are very creative and well written. It’s like with any great fantasy book, the book needs to make it seem real for you to let it be real and with this book, MAN, D.J. MACHALE MAKES IT REAL!