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Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

By Rhea

Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce, is spin on Little Red Riding Hood.  Scarlett and Rosie are two girls living by themselves.  They live alone since the death of their grandmother, who was killed by a Fenris, or a werewolf.  One the night of the death of their grandmother, Scarlett defended her sister, and ended up with scars and the loss of an eye.  Rosie remained unharmed.  Now both sisters hunt the Fenris to save others from a fate like their grandmother’s.  Both girls wear their red cloaks, a color that the Fenris love, and try to attract the Fenris in order to destroy them.  But the Fenris start to show up more and more, and they seem stronger than ever before.  They are looking for a Potential, a specific person who can easily become a werewolf.  To stop the werewolves for killing any others, and to find the potential, the girls and their friend, Silas, move to the city.  But there is even more danger in the city, especially when one is not being careful…

Sisters Red is an amazing book!  I loved this book.  Everything about it was good.  It had a good storyline without any holes, and the characters were realistic.  The twist at the end was also pretty surprising, which made the story even better.  I do not have any complaints about this book.  This is the best modern fairytale I have read, and I have read a lot of these kinds of books.  This was a great book and a must read!


By Rhea

Red Riding Hood, by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, is another spin on the classic story about Little Red Riding Hood. Valerie lives in the town of Daggorhorn with her parents and older sister where every month the people of the town offer an offering to keep the town’s werewolf at bay. The girls and their friends go to a campfire when they see that the moon seems red.  There is a blood moon, which means that in this time the werewolf can create another werewolf.  The girls split up into smaller groups and quickly retreat home.  Then, Valerie’s sister is found dead, killed by the wolf, and so begins the hunt for the horrible creature.  The creature is one of the residents of Daggerhorn, but no one knows who, which just adds to the tension.  There is only one way to stop the problems, and that is to kill the werewolf before the blood moon wanes, before it has the chance to make another werewolf.  But who is it?

Red Riding Hood is pretty good, considering that it is a book based on a script, which has also been made into a movie.  It is a pretty quick read with an interesting plot.  I found one fault with the book.  The ending of the actual book is good, but it leaves the reader hanging, which is slightly annoying.  However, one can go online and read the actual last chapter of the book.  While this chapter ties up some loose ends, it still leaves one hanging and it contradicts the last chapter of the book.  Aside from this, the book is good.