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Define Normal

Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters

Define Normal book cover image

Reviewed by Shruti

Define Normal is about two girls that notice, after a long time that they have a lot in common. Their names are Antonia and Jazz. Jazz is a punk goth kid. Antonia acts like she has to be a perfect good girl, but they both have their own secrets in their lives. Jazz’s parents own a country club and Jazz is crazy rich. Antonia’s mom has a mental sickness. When they meet they notice that they have a lot in common. They both wish they could change their lives to make it the way they want it. Jazz wishes her parents would stop fussing over the way she is. Antonia wishes that her mom would think more of the family and get better. After Antonia’s mom has a mental breakdown Jazz’s family comes in to take care of Antonia and her two little brothers, Michael and Chuckey. Will Antonia’s life ever be normal? Read the book to find out.

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These Boots are Made for Stalking

These Boots are Made for Stalking (Clique #12) by Lisi Harrison

These Boots are Made for Stalking book cover image

Reviewed by Anonymous Teen

Claire feels like a complete two year old when she finally realizes the Pretty Committee is growing up too fast for her to handle. It all starts when Massie suggests the Pretty Committee should start an upgrade. Meaning on clothes, hair, gossip, and the guys they hang out with. Massie suggests that instead of 8th graders, they should hang out with the 9th graders at Abner Doubleday School when Claire insists that 8th graders are just fine. But, is Claire’s nonstop pleading enough to change Massie and the rest of the Pretty Committee’s mind?

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Pranked by Katy Grant

Pranked book cover image

Reviewed by Anonymous teen

This book is a book about a girl named Kelly who is sent to sleep away camp by her parents. Kelly is desperate to make friends with anyone, so she considers herself lucky when she lands herself a spot in the popular crew. In the midst of this, Kelly has to choose between kindness and good friendships…or has to find a way to juggle both. I like this story because it is very realistic to common everyday life for kids.

Golden Girls by Melissa J. Morgan

Golden Girls book cover image

Reviewed by Anonymous teen

At Camp Lakeview, the Color War is about to begin. In Color War, Team Blue will compete against Team Red in games to build strength, confidence, and leadership for campers. Natalie is so pumped when she realizes Lainie Wilcox, the most popular girl of upper camp is on her team, and wants to hang out with her! But, does hanging out with Ms. Popular have to consume all her time? Does it mean giving up her friendships with her other friends? Does it involve breaking promises with her BFF? Natalie will have to find all these answers before it is too late.

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Whitney Making a Splash

Whitney Making a Splash by Jade Parker

Whitney Making a Splash book cover image

Reviewed by Natalie

I’ve just finished the book Whitney Making a Splash by Jade Parker. This book is about a rich girl named Whitney who likes this guy named Jake. Whitney has some friend issues with a couple of girls that are mean to her so she doesn’t know if she can trust Robyn and Caitlin. When Whitney has to plan a party for her enemy everything goes wrong. First she gets moved from party planning then she finds out a huge secret about Jake to make her wonder if they were meant to be. To find out what will happen read this book!

Miss Popularity Goes Camping

Miss Popularity Goes Camping by Francesco Sedita

Miss Popularity Goes Camping book cover image

Reviewed by Natalie

I’ve just finished the book Miss Popularity Goes Camping. this book is about a girly girl from Texas named Cassie who moved to Maine. Their grade is going camping and Cassie isn’t thrilled. Cassie is a fashion queen and camping without phone reception or anything isn’t her type of fun. To see if Cassie survives this trip read this book!

Reality Bites

Reality Bites by Melissa Morgan

Reviewed by Anonymous Teen

Reality Bites book cover image

It is Gaby’s turn for some attention at Camp Lakeview! It seems as though all everybody cares about is Natalie and Tori’s movie star fathers! When the camp director at Camp Lakeview decides to let the campers watch a reality TV show about bonding, Gaby finds the most perfect idea for attention and friends! She claims to be related to one of those contestants! Finally, everyone is wrapped around her, giving her the attention she wants. The prize for the winner is a trip to Austrilia for the contestant and family members. Gaby is positive her so called “brother,” under no circumstances has a chance to win…or does he…

Why I liked the book: I liked this book because it shows how if you’re truthful, everything will fall in place.

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Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek by Melissa Morgan

Reviewed by Anonymous Teen

Hide and Shriek book cover image

In this book, the girls of bunk 5A at camp Lakeview are sent to a cabin off camp grounds in the woods because they need to learn how to bond. On these grounds, there is a legend of a man named Cropsy: a murderer who is after his missing arm. Every 6 years, he goes after a Lakeview camper and cuts off their arm in revenge. Every girl of bunk 5A finds the legend bogus, until one of their campers goes missing…this is a great read for the girls in bunk 5A because the campers are forced to bond together in search of their missing bunkmate, and learn to believe in each other’s ideas.

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TTFN, by Lauren Myracle [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Jen, 7th grader

TTFN by Lauren Myracle is about 3 girls named Maddie, Zoe, and Angela. These three girls are so close that they can trust each other with anything no matter how much trouble they would get in with their parents. But as these girls enter their junior year they find that some dares, other friendships, or keeping secrets from each other to make sure that the other person doesn’t get upset may hurt their friendship. Will they find a way to stay connected after all the things they are going through? Read this book to find out what happens next.

Snail Mail No More

Snail Mail No More, by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Jen

The book  Snail Mail No More is about two girls named Tara and Elizabeth who are best friends but their relationship is going to face bumps. For example they have been separated by one of the girls having to move, even though they don’t know the same people and they have made more friends, they never forget about each other. These two girls keep in touch through letters but then they both get computers and its SNAIL MAIL NO MORE They now have email. But they don’t forget how to tlk on the phone or see each other in person because when one girl is allowed to visit her friend she doesn’t take a second thought and these girls are reunited at last!