Absolutely Normal Chaos, by Sharon Creech [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Amanda, age 11

Absolutely Normal Chaos, by Sharon Creech, is a book about a girl named Mary Lou who has to deal with an awkward family, who is too busy to focus on her! She never gets to choose where they go or what they do. When her cousin, Carl Ray, comes from Virginia, she has to clean his room and do any things he asks. Everyone is getting really sick of him and how he never explains what he wants (he just grunts), but when he gets $5,000 from somebody unknown, everyone changes how they are around him. Family members are offering to do things for him and are hinting about things they want. There is more to Carl Ray than meets the eye. As the book goes on, Mary Lou learns maybe her family isn’t so bad.

This book has action, adventure, humor and romance (sort of) all in one, but you’ll have to read it to find out the rest.