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Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

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Reviewed by Kendall

Strings Attached by Judy Blundell is a novel about Kit Corrigan who is a struggling dancer in the 1950’s.  She has strayed from her boyfriend, Billy, who has joined the army to get away from his father, a lawyer involved in the mob.  Out of the blue, Nate, Billy’s father, provides Kit with an apartment and a steady dancing job, as long as she keeps him informed about Billy.  Nate leads Kit to believe that there are no strings attached to this deal, but there are.

I enjoyed the book, because there were multiple plots tied into one main story.  As you read the book, suspense builds, and there are many unexpected turns that couldn’t possibly be guessed.  I had no problem sitting down for a period of time and reading the book, because there was always something new happening.  This wasn’t one of my favorites, but I definitely don’t regret reading it.

Strings Attached was an easy read, that wasn’t hard to follow and can be enjoyed by most people who read it.  However, I think the book is geared mostly towards girls who do in fact like drama.  The end of the book was good, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Overall, I recommend this book, unless you are someone who isn’t particularly into drama, it will most likely please you.


Annie’s Baby: the diary of Anonymous, a pregnant teenager

Annie’s Baby: the  Diary of Anonymous, a pregnant teenager

Reviewed by Amber

Annie’s Baby is a heartfelt and emotional story. You learn the real inside of what it is like not just being a teenager, but being pregnant. How life isn’t so perfect and glamorous like on that show the Secret Life of American Teenager. If you like the show Teen Mom, you’ll like this book. The relationship is rocky and imperfect. If this book doesn’t make you feel compassionate, you should re-read it. You’ll learn to fall in love with Annie and her story.