Down the Rabbit Hole, by Peter Abrahams [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Corey

The best book I read this summer was Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams. The book is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you hooked right until the end. This book held my interest and made me want to read on because of how beautifully Peter Abrahams described the main character, Ingrid. This book is about a girl who loves acting and soccer but one day she wanders over by cracked-up Katie because she thinks it will be a faster way to get to soccer practice so she ends up not remembering the way to go to soccer practice so she stops at her house and waits for a taxi to bring her to soccer so in the meantime she forgets her red Puma soccer cleats at her house and goes back to go and get them but then she learns about her murder and then Chief Strade asks her all of these questions about if she had known her and if she had seen her that day and then he showed her the picture of the evidence at the crime scene from that day, and the Pumas are there and then she notices she is in the center of the whole murder. Find out how she deals with this and keep reading until you get to the big surprise — you will be shocked at the end!