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Cover image for My Life as a Fifth-Grade ComedianReviewed by Vini

This book, “My Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian”, is about a boy who goofs around in class so much that he gets himself in big trouble. He might be transferred to another school, which is described like jail. Bobby (the main character and the goof) gets an idea that he can put a laughing contest on. He organizes a huge contest for everyone to tell jokes, even teachers. One think I liked about this book is that every chapter the title was a joke with an answer. One thing I didn’t like is that Bobby thought bad things about his parents. That’s wrong because they raised Bobby from day one.


Employee of the Month

Movie review: Employee of the Month [rated PG-13]

Reviewed by Crystal

I thought Employee of the Month was an excellent movie. It’s a great comedy and romance movie. The plot was the best part. It took place in a supermarket called “Superclub” and it’s about a lazy employee, Zack, that has never won employee of the month. A new girl, Amy, transferred to his store because she dated the employee of the month from the other store she worked at. They broke up and she didn’t want to deal with the fact she had to work with him. Zack finds out about why she is now working at his store and he thinks that if he becomes employee of the month she will go out with him. He competes for employee of the month against his “enemy”, Vince. Zack becomes so involved in trying to win employee of the month that he forgets about his friends and ditches them when they have plans. Amy then finds out that Zack is only trying to win employee of the month for her and she gets upset. To find out what happens next, watch the movie!

I recommend this movie to anyone because it will give you a good laugh and it will teach you that if you want something really bad, you should do it for yourself and not for the other perseon, so they will accept you.