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Top of the Feud Chain by Lisi Harrison

By Rhea

Top of the Feud Chain is the final novel in the Alphas series, a series stemming from the Clique series.  The time to choose the Alpha for life is fast approaching, but Shira has left the island, leaving the girls up to their own adventures.  Instead of having fun since there is no longer anyone to stop them, the girls invent their own challenges, each one hoping to prove that she is the Alpha for life.  After winning one of these challenges, Skye is challenged by friends of the Skye’s defeated opponent.  They agree on a race through the sky using planes.  Since Skye isn’t great at flying the planes, she calls on her friends, Allie, Charlie, Taz, Mel, and Darwin, to help her win.   But things go horribly wrong and the plane crashes into the Mojave Desert, leaving the six friends stranded.  How will they survive?

Top of the Feud Chain is an overall good book.  While it is probably not the book for boys, girls will definitely like it.  If one has liked the Clique series and the previous Alphas books, then they will surely like this book.  While I do not usually enjoy these books, I really like this one.  It has a surprising twist at the end that no one could have seen coming.  The plot is very good and the final twist brings everything together, making it a good book.  Try it!


Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Strings Attached book cover image









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Reviewed by Kendall

Strings Attached by Judy Blundell is a novel about Kit Corrigan who is a struggling dancer in the 1950’s.  She has strayed from her boyfriend, Billy, who has joined the army to get away from his father, a lawyer involved in the mob.  Out of the blue, Nate, Billy’s father, provides Kit with an apartment and a steady dancing job, as long as she keeps him informed about Billy.  Nate leads Kit to believe that there are no strings attached to this deal, but there are.

I enjoyed the book, because there were multiple plots tied into one main story.  As you read the book, suspense builds, and there are many unexpected turns that couldn’t possibly be guessed.  I had no problem sitting down for a period of time and reading the book, because there was always something new happening.  This wasn’t one of my favorites, but I definitely don’t regret reading it.

Strings Attached was an easy read, that wasn’t hard to follow and can be enjoyed by most people who read it.  However, I think the book is geared mostly towards girls who do in fact like drama.  The end of the book was good, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Overall, I recommend this book, unless you are someone who isn’t particularly into drama, it will most likely please you.

Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret

Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume

Are You There God? It's Me Margaret book cover image

Reviewed by Hope

Why I liked this book: I enjoyed this book because I liked how the author wrote about problems girls that age go through and worry about. I also liked how the author did this while maintaining humor throughout the book. This is why I enjoyed this book.

Why I would recommend this book: I would recommend this book to someone (a girl in particular) who would like a quick read that could connect to problems/worries that every girl goes through. Also, it is a good book that gets into the characters in a way that you end up loving them all. This is why I would recommend this book.

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These Boots are Made for Stalking

These Boots are Made for Stalking (Clique #12) by Lisi Harrison

These Boots are Made for Stalking book cover image

Reviewed by Anonymous Teen

Claire feels like a complete two year old when she finally realizes the Pretty Committee is growing up too fast for her to handle. It all starts when Massie suggests the Pretty Committee should start an upgrade. Meaning on clothes, hair, gossip, and the guys they hang out with. Massie suggests that instead of 8th graders, they should hang out with the 9th graders at Abner Doubleday School when Claire insists that 8th graders are just fine. But, is Claire’s nonstop pleading enough to change Massie and the rest of the Pretty Committee’s mind?

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He’s With Me

He’s with Me, by Tamara Summers

Reviewed by Natalie

I have just finished the book He’s with Me by Tamara Summers. This book is about a girl named Lexie who has a huge crush on Jake (her brother’s best friend). But when teen queen sets her eyes on Jake there’s no way to turn her down. Like everyone says, no one says no one to Bree. But then Lexie, Jake, and Colin (Lexie’s twin brother) hatch up a plan for Lexie to be Jake’s “girlfriend” until Bree moves on to someone else. This book includes a summer camp with tennis, a water polo championship, and a very evil person. I liked this book because it is a page turner. To see what with Bree, Lexie, Jake, and Colin, read this book.

Robyn (Making a Splash)

Robyn (Making a Splash), by Jade Parker

Reviewed by Natalie

I have just read the book Robyn (Making a Splash) by Jade Parker. Robyn and BFF Caitlin got jobs at the water park called Paradise Falls. Caitlin’s brother Sean is a supervisor at Paradise Falls. Robyn has to work in a kiddy area with Sean, her supervisor. At first Robyn thought Sean was annoying but after hanging around with him, she started to like him. This book also includes a girl named Whitney who Sean wants them to hang out with. They think Whitney is rich, spoiled and is hiding secrets from them! A lot of action (bad and good) happens in this book like now Robyn saves a kid or how Caitlin’s boyfriend cheated on her. I like this book because it was a page turner. To find out what happens, read this book!

P.S. I Loathe You

P.S. I Loathe You, by Lisi Harrison [Teen Fiction]

This is a good book. I recommend it because it shows inner strength. Which helps readers not act all that.


TTFN, by Lauren Myracle [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Jen, 7th grader

TTFN by Lauren Myracle is about 3 girls named Maddie, Zoe, and Angela. These three girls are so close that they can trust each other with anything no matter how much trouble they would get in with their parents. But as these girls enter their junior year they find that some dares, other friendships, or keeping secrets from each other to make sure that the other person doesn’t get upset may hurt their friendship. Will they find a way to stay connected after all the things they are going through? Read this book to find out what happens next.

The Clique Summer Collection: Alicia

The Clique Summer Collection: Alicia, by Lisi Harrison [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Rhea

The Clique Summer Collection: Alicia, by Lisi Harrison, is about how one of the Pretty Committee Girls, Alicia, spends her summer. Since it is summer vacation, Alicia has gone to Spain to visit her cousins. Her two older cousins seem nice, but everyone knows that the younger cousin, Nina, is a stealer. In Spain, she finds out that a search is going on to find the most beautiful Spanish girl that will get to star in a music video with the famous I! and she thinks that she is it. So when her two older cousins turn out to be working for I! and decide to take her to a special party for I!, she thinks that it’s her chance to show that she is perfect to star in the music video. But at the party her older cousins ditch her, and she is left with Nina. While talking to Nina, Alicia notices that her cousin is wearing her earrings! They get into a fight and break a statue that costs thousands of dollars. There is only one way to pay it back, and that is to work at the hotel. But hotel work takes up all of Alicia’s time. Will Alicia get to star in the music video? Will she even get to audition for the music video? Read the book to find out!

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a quick read with a lot of backstabbing. It’s a really short book, so it won’t take that long to read. Plus, you never know what will happen next, since everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to make themselves look good and the other people bad. There are a whole bunch of twists in the book. You’ll be amazed at how the story turns out, because it’s something that you would never expect. This book is a great read for the summer!

The Clique Summer Collection: Kristen, by Lisi Harrison [teen fiction]

Review by Rhea

The Clique Summer Collection: Kristen, by Lisi Harrison is about how one of the Pretty Committee girls, Kristen, spends her summer when all of her friends have gone away. Since Kristen isn’t rich like all the other girls at OCD, she is stuck at home tutoring a little girl named Ripple, who is obsessed with Kristen’s friend Massie. But her summer gets interesting when she starts falling for Ripple’s brother, Dune. She works with Ripple so that Ripple can learn about Massie, and Kristen can learn about Dune. But then competition shows up. A beautiful older girl named Skye is in love with Dune, too. She is willing to do just about anything to win Dune over. Will Kristen get the guy or will she spend the summer alone, heartbroken? Read this book to fine out!

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a quick, easy book with a whole bunch of twists. It’s a really small book, so it’s a really quick read. Plus, it’s kind of a love story, but it’s not “mushy.” You’ll be amazed with how far the girls are willing to go to get the guy. This book is a great quick read for summer!