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The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank [teen nonfiction]

In this story, a young Jewish girl called Anne Frank experiences the difficulties of the war that is occurring, world war 2. She is in hideout with her family, another family and a gentleman. They are cramped up into one attic with four small rooms. She has to face the fear of being caught by the Nazi day after day. A lot of conflicts occur because the shortage of food and having to be so quiet. It was treacherous. They had to stay there for years until the war was over. Sometimes they wished the war was over so bad and would listen to the radio every day. Nazi parades took place multiple days taking 100’s of Jews day after day. Will they get caught? To find out, you’ll have to read the book.


Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer, by Bethany Hamilton [teen nonfiction]

Reviewed by Christine

Soul Surfer is an autobiography about a teenage girl named Bethany Hamilton. She goes surfing every morning with one of her friends and her brother. But one morning when they adventure off to check out a different beach know for perfect wave she gets attacked by a shark. She then worries that see would not be able to fulfill her dreams of becoming a professional surfboarder.  At first she did not feel anything until she saw blood everywhere. She was rushed to the hospital where her mother is waiting for her. She is on the verge of dyeing because of major blood lost. After her surgery she has to wait two months until she can go back into the water and during those two months she over thinks if she should continue surfing or not. But with the amount of courage she has, she returns to the same beach she got injured and fulfills her dreams of becoming a pro surfboarder.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone because it is very suspenseful and you will just want to another page after another before putting it down. Also you will get to see her journey right from the beginning to when she fulfills her dream with a great amount of detail.