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Travel Team

Travel Team, by Mike Lupica [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Akash

This book is a realistic fiction book that is about how “you can not measure heart.”

This book takes place in the town called Middletown where the town is still obsessed about the national championship travel basket ball game on ESPN, which was led by the main character Danny’s father Richie. When Danny’s travel team is in 7th grade and old enough to qualify for this tournament, Danny is cut from tryouts because he was too small. The coach Jeff Ross and a rival of Danny’s father wanted to have “More height to the team.” Danny is crushed by the fact that he won’t be able to play with the travel team he has played on for the past couple of years and almost does not play basketball that year. That is until his father, who left Danny and his mother Ali, comes back to Middletown. Richie Walker as said played in the same travel team that Danny was cut from and won a championship with the team. After, he went to Syracuse University to play basketball for them, and then went to NBA to play with the Golden State Warriors for two months until he got into a car wreck and ended his career and almost ended his life. When Richie finds out that his son was jut, he was angry since he has saw his son practice on the driveway with himself and thinks Danny is better than some of the players picked. He then gets this idea. He was going to take all iof the rejects and other players, some who are not playing on the travel team and recruit them on to another Midddletown travel team coached by him. Danny is excited that he finally can play for a travel team but is extremely frustrated by the players who are on his team. As Danny said in the book: “We suck!” Can this rag-tag team of rejects get to the championship or win a game?

This book to me was a great and I would recommend it to the  basketball and sports readers, or even the readers who love a good Cinderella story.

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Flipped, by Wendelin van Draanen [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Lauren

I would recommend this book to people who like to hear the story from two points of view. I enjoyed the two points of view from Bryce and Julianna. This book helped me to realize that sometimes what you think is right is wrong and can hurt others. For example, Bryce was trying to be cool around Garret but what he said trying to be cool hurt Julianna.

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