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Cold Mountain By: Charles Frazier

cold mountain coverBy Raveeshna

The story starts in a Confederate military hospital where Inman (the male lead) is recovering from battle wounds.  Tired of fighting for a cause he never believed in and longing for his home at Cold Mountain, he sneaks out of the hospital after nightfall and sets out west on a journey.  The narrative alternates between the story of Inmn and that of Ada Monroe.  Ada is a minister’s daughter who moves from the city to the farm in the rural mountain called Cold Mountain.  Also, throughout the novel the author flashbacks to the two’s past before the civil war split them apart.  When Ada’s father dies in Black Cove, the farm that Ada lived on, is reduced to a state of despair.  Her friends feeling pity fr her, sent a friend by the name of Ruby to see Ada.  Ruby teaches her how to survive but on the condition that she is treated as an equal rather than a servant.

Throughout the story, Inman faces many different dangers that befall an escaping the Confederate shoulder.  It is there that he learns of the different faces of humanity.  While Ada attempts to reconcile Ruby with her abusive father that abandoned her as a child.  This book continues until Ada and Inman are reconciled.  The author is able to convey a sense of irony in the love that the two express to each other.  The true thing that they long for is not the other as much as the past that the two represent.  The past that contained harmony and safety that the war ripped apart, and their love for each other is not love for a person as much as it is the two of them being in love with the idea of being in love.  But it was the very illusion that helped them overcome the difficulty they had faced and it was for those very reasons that I enjoyed the novel.  For it was an interesting twist to a basic romantic plot line.


By Raveeshthe hitchhiker's guide book coverna

This novel was written before the movie came out and this story was originally a series of radio programs that Adams had taken and written together into a novel format.  This novel revolves around a certain Englishman by the name of Author Dent who became the only surviving human from the supercomputer called Earth, due to a kind hitchhiker by the name of Forde Perfect.  This book takes the reader through Dent’s journey though the “universe, time, and everything else.” where he attempts to find the “man who really rules the universe”and the true history of the game cricket.  He also visits the restaurant at the end of the world, starts the human race on earth, goes mad, an escapes the revenge on a reincarnated soul.  Along the way he also reads Gods last words to his creations and becomes a splendid sandwich maker in a primitive world.  To sum it all up, this story is great for a person who wishes for a good laugh.  Something that I can guarantee will happen when they meet in the Hooloovoo, or Marvin the depressed robot.  This is a novel that has a ship-load of sci-fi, a sprinkle of romance, and slight attacks at life in general that will leave the reader wishing for more.  By the way, the people that I have mentioned are not all the characters present in this novel  There are also many other adventures that happened that I have not mentioned along with the interesting explanations for the events in question, though I must also warn you that this novel is only for those who are willing to sacrifice a large portion of one afternoon to read.

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

By Rhea

Red Riding Hood, by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, is another spin on the classic story about Little Red Riding Hood. Valerie lives in the town of Daggorhorn with her parents and older sister where every month the people of the town offer an offering to keep the town’s werewolf at bay. The girls and their friends go to a campfire when they see that the moon seems red.  There is a blood moon, which means that in this time the werewolf can create another werewolf.  The girls split up into smaller groups and quickly retreat home.  Then, Valerie’s sister is found dead, killed by the wolf, and so begins the hunt for the horrible creature.  The creature is one of the residents of Daggerhorn, but no one knows who, which just adds to the tension.  There is only one way to stop the problems, and that is to kill the werewolf before the blood moon wanes, before it has the chance to make another werewolf.  But who is it?

Red Riding Hood is pretty good, considering that it is a book based on a script, which has also been made into a movie.  It is a pretty quick read with an interesting plot.  I found one fault with the book.  The ending of the actual book is good, but it leaves the reader hanging, which is slightly annoying.  However, one can go online and read the actual last chapter of the book.  While this chapter ties up some loose ends, it still leaves one hanging and it contradicts the last chapter of the book.  Aside from this, the book is good.

By Rhea

My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, is the story of young Anna, who is suing her family for rights to her body.  She was conceived for a special purpose: to help her sister survive.  Her sister, Kate, has a special and deadly form of Leukemia.  Anna was born to be the perfect match for Kate.  She would be the perfect donor to save Kate’s life.  But after blood and marrow donations, Anna has had enough.  All her life she has been giving, but this time, they are asking for too much.  Her family wants her to donate a kidney to help Kate live.  Anna just can’t do this.  She wants to be her own person for once, but before she can do this, she must win the court case against her parents.  And that is not going to be easy.  Her mom wants her to cancel the suit and at the same time donate the kidney.  While she wants Anna to be happy, but she also wants Kate to live.  If Anna doesn’t donate, her sister will die.  With all the conflicting emotions, Anna doesn’t know what to do.  It all depends on the judge’s decision…

I both loved and hated My Sister’s Keeper.  The story is captivating, and it opens a new window into the lives  of those who have family members suffering from a disease.  Many will be able to connect to the characters and their problems because the whole story is so life-like.  The story on a whole is good, which is why I loved the book.  However, I hated the book because of the ending.  The ending is a complete surprise, and it shocked me.  The book is great but at the same time immensely sad.  One should only read this book if they are ready to both love and hate it, as I am sure they will.

Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews

By Kendallpetals on the wind book cover image

Petals on the Wind is the second installment in the Dollanganger series (The first book being Flowers in the Attic).  This book, is about the adventures of the remaining three Foxworth children, and what happens to them after they escape.  Their intention was to take a train ride all the way to Florida, but suddenly Carrie becomes very ill, and needs emergency medical attention.  A maid of a doctor, Henny, brings the children to the doctor’s house, Paul.  Paul ends up falling in love with the children, and takes them in as wards.  However, one of the children end up falling in love with Paul, too.  Soon enough all three children are old enough to go to college, ballet school, and get jobs.  But, revenge is always on Cathy’s mind, and she doesn’t stop until she serves Corrine, her mother, with justice.  All three children carry the scars of being locked away in an attic, and they carry that throughout their lives.  Chris, Cathy and Carrie struggle to have a normal life, and by the end of Petals on the Wind, it doesn’t seem possible.

I would highly recommend Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews.  It is a phenomenal book that continues the rough life of all three children.  New characters join with old characters, to create a dynamic in the book like no other.  The love expressed from Chris to Cathy melts any heart, and the repercussions of the children’s hard life in the attic spark drama, twists, and mystery in the book.  Petals on the Wind wasn’t as good as the first book, Flowers in the Attic, but it was still a fantastic book, that isn’t boring, and makes me want to start the third.

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

By Kendall

flowers in the attic book coverFlowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews is a novel about a mother, Corrine who locks her four children up in an attic for three years, four months, and sixteen days.  As a child, Corrine fell in love with her uncle, they wed, and had children.  After her husband died in a car accident, Corrine must move back home, to try and coax her very, very wealthy father into writing her back into his will before he dies, which could be any day now.  Her father suffers from old age, and a heart condition that could his heart to stop any day now.  Corrine and her very religious, cruel mother plan to lock the children away in the attic until her father dies, because if he knew about the children, all hopes of gaining the Foxworth fortune are lost.  Her father, Malcolm, lives much longer than expected, which means that the children, Cory, Carrie, Cathy and Christopher, are trapped in the attic much longer than they thought.  As Cathy matures into a young woman, and Christopher a young man, they discover they love each other, more than a brother and sister.  As Cathy and Chris develop feelings for each other, the attic rules get broken, and consequences are handed out brutally.  Then children start dying, and secrets are unveiled that haunt the children for the rest of their lives.

Flowers in the Attic had to be one of the best books I’ve ever read.  I really enjoyed the plot, and the book is very suspenseful.  At times, I could feel pain, anger and joy for the characters, right as they were feeling it.  The all characters in the book were realistic, and they chemistry all characters had with one another was part of why I liked the book so much.  It was easy to follow, with twists that no one could’ve guessed.  After Flowers in the Attic, I was still eager to read the sequel, because the ending is suspenseful, and just as good as the rest of the book.  I encourage people to read this book, because I have nothing but good things to say about it

The Secret Garden (retold) by Martha Hailey

secert garden book cover imageBy Karley
In the novel, The Secret Garden the author provides a powerful description of the character Mary.  Her whole life has been full of sadness and death.  Both her mother and her father died, and an Indian mistress was the one who raised her, her whole life.  Even when her parents were alive, she never really saw them.  The day her parents died, Mary woke up to an empty house because everyone had abandoned her.  When a solider came, he told her that everyone had died, even the Indian mistress who cared for her.  She was then forced to live when her mean old uncle who she never sees.  She spent most of her time outdoors, and found a locked garden with no door.  Mary has always wanted a place of her own that she can love and depend on to always be there for her.  She knows that no matter what happens in her life, the garden will be there waiting for her to unlatch the lock, and come in.  I know she felt this way because she never had a stable figure in her life, and the one thing she did love, died along with both her parents.  She never had any consistency in her life, which made the garden good for her, it was always there.


d.n. angel book cover imageBy Deja

When 14 year old Daisuke Niwa sees his crush, Risa, he transforms into his alter ego the tall and handsome phantom thief named Dark.  The book D.N Angel is funny, has action and romance that will get you sucked into the book.  If you’re into manga than D.N. Angel is a great book for you.  The series is not as good as the book.

twisted book cover imageBy Deja

After finally getting noticed by someone other than school bullies and his ever-angry father, seventeen year old Tyler enjoys his tough new reputation and the attention of a popular girl, but when his life starts to go bad again, he must choose between transforming himself or giving in to his destructive thoughts.  The book Twisted was a very funny book.  I can say that I couldn’t put it down when I picked it up.  It has short chapters but it makes you think about what had previously happened.  I would give this book five stars.  If you like comedy and a book that you can relate to, this is the book for you.

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Beastly book cover imageBy Rhea

Beastly is a newer, modern version of of Beauty and the Beast.  Kyle Kingsbury is rich and popular, and he takes full advantage of his status.  He also loves to make fun of those who are “below” him.  He plays the ultimate prank on a girl in his English class, and she gets revenge.  It turns out she’s a witch, and she casts a spell and puts him under a curse which makes him look like a beast.  The witch shows him some mercy because before he made a fool of the witch, he gave his rose to a poor girl and made her happy.  Because of his unintended act of kindness, the witch makes it so that he can end the curse by finding true love.  His task is hard because he is a freakish, ugly beast.  He has two years, but is it really enough?

Beastly is an interesting new take on the old version.  It is mostly romance, so I would recommend this to girls.  The plot is suspenseful and has some unexpected twists.  It is a pretty quick read, so you can read it whenever you have the time.  I enjoyed the book a lot more than the movie, but that is just my opinion.  All in all it is a pretty good book.  It is not the best book ever, but it is still entertaining.  Read it if you get the chance!