RThe-Secret-Life-of-Beeseviewed by Aleesha

The year is 1962, and 13 year old Lily Owens never imagined she’d end up living on a honey farm, but her imagination soon becomes reality when she’s forced to run away from her home in Sylvan, South Carolina. It all started when her fill in mom, as she likes to call her, Rosaleen, is wrongly convicted of a crime and sent to jail. After suffering with an abusive father for her entire childhood, and being haunted by the memory of her mother’s disappearance, Lily takes what clues she has left to her mother’s whereabouts and breaks Rosaleen out of jail, convincing her to run away with her and track down her mysterious mother. Lily’s limited clues send her to a honey farm in Tiburon, South Carolina, which she discovers is the home of the 3 African American Boatwright sisters, August, June and May. Taking pity on Lily and Rosaleen, the sisters allow the 2 runaways to take up residence in their house, where Lily’s life changing adventure begins. Watch as Lily befriends the sisters, learns about her mysterious mother, deals with the looming civil rights movement, and realizes there’s a lot more to bees than she’s ever known. All of this mixed in with thrilling action, a little romance, humor and the strong bond of the family Lily never knew she had is enough to make this one of the best books you’ll ever read.