Dreamer - RyanReviewed Anonymously

This book is about a young boy named Neftali who loves to write, read, listen to stories, and daydream. He collects things from the outdoors on his way to school, at the ocean, and in the jungle. He is still young, yet his father has big expectations for him. His father has plans for him to become an accomplished doctor or dentist when he is older, and keep up on his studies. He thinks that all of Neftali’s reading, writing, storytelling, and collecting, is foolishness, especially daydreaming which Neftali’s father finds to be complete nonsense because it is a waste of time, as he thinks. But, when Neftali grows old enough, he gives an essay to his uncle to review, who happens to own the town’s newspaper and it turns out to be so good he gets a job at the newspaper and submits it at school. From there, his writing gets better and better. Obstacles come in his way such as some of his writing is against the government, and his father’s embarrassment of him becoming a writer. But as Neftali grows older, he figures out ways to pursue his love of writing. I would recommend this book for middle school kids ready for a story of a boy with great persistence and determination.

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