my-thirteenth-winter-memoir-samantha-abeel-hardcover-cover-artReviewed Anonymously

This book is about a young girl with smarts. She is a straight A student and very intelligent, but that starts to change. Starting in elementary school, she started to have problems with simple math such as addition and subtraction, and spelling words correctly and using proper grammar. Being in higher, honored classes is now out of the question. Soon after she starts to fail her regular classes, she starts to have anxiety attacks and develops new fears, which get worse day by day. These new issues are very confusing for this young girl until she finds out why these things are happening. With the help of some special people, she finds her weaknesses and strengths. Then, she is able to change her life, and causes others in similar situations to come to realize the same about themselves. I would recommend this page turning book for any kid in middle school, ready for the exciting rush to find out what happens next in this thrilling yet true story.

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