the-great-trouble_cover-imageReviewed by Olivia H

I would give the book, The Great Trouble, 4 out of 5 stars. This book was about a boy named Eel, living in London in the 18th century. Eel is a mudlark, fishing for little tidbits of things from the Thames River to sell so he can make money. In addition to that, he also works for Dr. Snow, a very prestigious doctor who uses the latest medicines and methods. But then Eel’s life is changed as he watches a Cholera epidemic spread through Broad Street, where he lives. Everyone who lives on Broad Street thinks that Cholera is spread by bad air, but Dr. Snow has a different theory. So, he and Eel have to work together to convince people about their new theory, and save more from getting sick. This book was very interesting. It gave a lot of good facts about living through a rough time like that, and action packed too. I recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and mysterious books!

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