n244211Reviewed by Olivia

I would give the book Peeled, 5 out of 5 stars. This book was so interesting and I could not put it down! This book was about a girl named Hildy Biddle. She loves writing for her school newspaper, The Core, and she dreams of becoming a reporter, just like her father. When the haunted Ludlow House gets reportings of ghost sightings, and creepy signs appear on the door, Hildy is put on the case. Struggling to find all the real facts, Hildy tries to find out as much information as she can to write good true stories, unlike the other local newspaper, The Bee. This newspaper publishes nothing but lies, and uses fear from the people to make money. When The Bee threatens to put The Core out of business, the students have to go undercover, to get the facts right. This book was amazing, and I recommend it to anyone who likes surprise endings, and supernatural happenings!

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