1442421762.01.TZZZZZZZReviewed by Angela

I loved this book from the very 1st page. It has a very scary feeling to it when you pick up the book; you are pulled into a whole new world. I was completely wowed by this book. I loved it from the beginning to the end. So this book first takes place when Mara, Claire, and Rachel are playing a ghost board game (like any other ghost summoning game they have candles and they all ask questions to the ghost). The question Claire ask is “How am I going to die?” And it will suck you in from there. Later on after that scene, Mara finds herself walking up from the hospital with no memory of what happened in the last few days. And the creepy part is she is the only survivor, her friends Claire and Rachel died when a building collapsed. And so she goes to find out what happened to her and her friends. And this is where the adventure begins…. This book is SUSPENSEFUL and WARNING you won’t be able to put down this book.

Check this book out at the library!