12568505Reviewed by Olivia

Black City, by Elizabeth Richards, takes place in a society run by a dictator named Purian Rose whose goal is to exterminate all Darklings, who are creatures that drink blood, have no beating heart, and have heightened senses, in the aftermath of a war between humans and Darklings. The book focuses on Ash Fisher, a twin-blood, or half Darkling-half human and Natalie Buchanan the daughter of a government official, who is helping President Rose to get rid of all Darklings. When the two characters meet and find out they are bloodmates, they realize they are in danger if anybody finds out their secret love because of all the restricting laws Purian Rose has placed down. On top of that Natalie gets an inside look on just how badly Darklings are being treated and finds out Rose’s plans to kill all of the Darklings behind all the citizens backs. She decides to help the Darklings out, despite her mother’s position. You follow these two people as they struggle to hid their love as well as take part in stopping the government. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down. It was a perfect mix between a romance and action. It kept me thinking along with the characters, and continued to surprise me as the plot thickened. The characters and plot were well developed and thought through. With multiple plot twists and heart stopping moments, it is nearly impossible not to want to keep reading.

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