1416989420.01.MZZZZZZZReviewed by Angela

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. I really disliked this book and the characters weren’t very appealing to read about. I didn’t connect with the characters at all or felt any sympathy for them. The main girl character Nora Grey wasn’t my favorite. I actually disliked her very strongly she was very confusing and didn’t think deeply about the situations she was in. Most parts of the book I was yelling at her for making such poor choices. And the main guy character Patch wasn’t better either. I was frustrated about his character traits and his choices. This book didn’t suck me into the story and I often found myself having to reread paragraphs because I didn’t understand the scenarios. And the whole concept of angels going to war was completely boring. So I highly do not recommend this book.

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