Review of Fangirl by Rainbow RowellReviewed by Angela

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell will leave you fangirling for weeks. “Whether you find yourself in the insecure girl who’s afraid of life; the happy-go-lucky guy always ready with a smile; the self-centered sister; the deceitful friend; the emotionally disabled dad; the outspoken honest roommate; the talented but uncertain writer; the intellectual or the one who falls short; the life of the party or the one hiding in the shadows–there are bits and pieces of everyone scattered throughout this story; representing all the highs and lows that make us exactly who we are.” This book is very relate-able which is partially the reason why I loved it so very much. No matter who you are you will find yourself in this book and this book is such a light read. And if you want a book that makes you feel all happy then definitely read this book.

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