Reviewed by Urooj

Before getting to the plot it is necessary to note that this book has no boring parts. It’s all action. Rick Yancey stitches together Cassie’s narrative so her back story is dropped in parts, through out the entire book. there is no dull “context chapter” at the beginning. The book starts, and ends, with a bang. Cassie is an ordinary girl who is, somehow, one of the last few humans on earth. When aliens come from space they use mysterious methods of extermination to show their desire to end all of humanity. but keep the Earth in liveable shape. So far, what remains of humanity has had to endure four “waves:” a huge EMP, a global tsunami/earthquake, a plague, and a small army of humans possessed by aliens. Cassie, and a shady character she meets try to find what the fifth wave will be. The book has a cliffhanger ending, which will be satisfied by the sequel in fall 2014.

[☆] [☆] [☆] [☆] [☆] Five stars

fifth wave

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