Reviewed by Urooj

M. T. Anderson has written a disturbing novel about a future world where people connect to the Internet through computers implanted in their heads. The “feed” as it is called, can be a blessing and a curse. The need for school on subjects such as history is rendered obsolete, because anyone can just search it on the feed by thinking about it. The feed is connected directly to the brain. A side effect is that it gives large corporations access to the thoughts and feelings of 75% of Americans. Early in the book the protagonist stumbles upon a girl with a malfunctioning feed who doesn’t have much time to live. She tells him how the feed is evil and how the corporations now have more power than the government. Over all it’s a good book but the signal-to-noise ratio suffers a drop towards the ending.

[☆] [☆] [☆] [–] [–] Three stars.


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