Wimpy_Kid_6Reviewed by Vini

As we know it, our hero Greg has returned in the Wimpy Kid series.  It is around the holidays and Greg has to act especially good for the whole month of December, or Santa might be upset with him.  Greg and Rowley have endless adventures that get him in trouble in this book.  The kids join the wilderness scouts, and become such true men that his dad finally understands Greg.  Greg also is trying to make some money.  He starts a shoveling business, but ends up not doing any of the work, or completely messes up his job.  Once he freezes his neighbor’s driveway, not knowing that water melts snow but turns into ice.  He leaves a sprinkler on and the front driveway of his neighbor’s house becomes an ice skating rink.  Greg learns responsibility in this book, and he finally bonds with his father.  This book is an excellent addition to the series and is a must-have on the top of your book shelf.

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