Reviewed by karisma

Freedom Rider by Ashby Ruth is about the change that took place in African American history. When Rosa Parks was headed home on the bus after work, she thought that discrimination towards blacks was uncivilized. Blacks were to listen to what whites and what they commanded, one day a white man asked Rosa to move to the back of the bus, and she refused. That act is when the separation between whites and blacks began to change. The civil rights movement was started by Martin Luther King Jr. and later became stronger with the help of Rosa Parks. The two began meeting with other African Americans to start their boycotts to no longer use city busses, but instead carpool, walk or arrange other modes of transportation. Eventually the business owners of the bus companies started to watch their profits reduce, due to the decrease of African American rides, which were their main riders. Things were still rough for African Americans, but because they stood up for what they believed was right, they managed to change history.

I enjoyed reading this story of history, because it shows how the U.S. has changed over the years and how everyone is treated equally. I believe America is filled with freedom and the Civil Rights movement was a large contributor to the freedom we are entitled to today.

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