Book Review by Ethan

One of my absolute favorite books is Variant by Robison Wells. What makes this rollercoaster of a book interesting is the extremely suspenseful plot, in which there are multiple unsuspected twists and turns. The main character’s name is Benson Fisher.  Benson is looking for is a good school he can attend to earn a proper education, applying for Maxfield Academy was the worst mistake of his life. Maxfield Academy from the start was a beautiful school, featuring an extremely well maintenanced front lawn, clean brick exterior walls, which was unusual compared to his previous schools in Chicago. The main detail that strikes odd to Benson, is a giant brick wall surrounding the school with barbed wire topping the top. When Benson is dropped off by Mrs. Vaughn at the front of the school, a guy sprints toward the accelerating car, the guy tall, and built like a linebacker continued to chase the car. If that wasn’t weird enough Benson was also informed by fellow classmates that there were no adults in the building, and there were security cameras watching everything Benson and his friends did. The most peculiar detail is if somebody broke the rules they would be dragged to detention, where they would never be seen again.

Find Variant here: Variant