Book Review by Cailin

I highly recommend the book Angel Experiment by James Patterson. This book would be a great read for both boys and girls eleven to fifteen. This novel includes characters ranging from ages five to fourteen, so the reader can really connect to the characters in the book due to age similarities. James Patterson has also written other novels, on top of being an extremely accomplished writer. Mr. Patterson has also made a continuing number of sequels to this book incase you would want to continue his wonderful series of books.

I really liked this book because the author really makes you feel as if you’re part of his beautify crafted journey. Also, there is so much action going on, that you cant resist your self from flipping from page to page no matter what chapter you’re on. Another huge contributing factor of why I liked this book is the main character, Max. Max is a strong and great leader who you never get tired of reading about. I also really liked this book due to how the author tied in romance, adventure and unheard of creatures into one amazing book. Mr. Patterson truly did an astonishing job writing this book.

This book is one large adventure. The story starts off with six kids who have been stuck in a laboratory ever since their birth, scientists of course testing them. The only thing is, they aren’t regular kids. The scientists have converted them to two percent bird, and ninety eight percent human. In other words these children have wings and helpful bird qualities. Their magnificent journey starts when they escape the laboratory, and head into the outside world. This novel brings you along with the adventure of these kids as if they were to fit in, and more importantly… Try to stay alive.

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