By Krishna

This book simply blew my mind away. The drawings were really neat. It is about a boy who loses his father and tries to recover a message from him. His father worked in the museum and fixed clocks before he died. His family had a line of many horologists (clock makers). Hugo’s dad finds an automaton which are machines that write something out and maybe even send you a message. Unfortunately, Hugo’s father dies in a a fire but Hugo recovers the automaton. The automaton is badly damaged. Hugo lives in the train station with his uncle until he is also gone. Hugo becomes a thief. His notebook i taken away by the toy  shop owner. Hugo’s noble quest is to recover the notebook and read the message. I really liked how Hugo was brave and still had love for machines even though he went through difficult times. This book was very unique and I really liked it. It isn’t one of those action packed books but it is still a masterpiece. Brian Selznik deserved that medal.

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