By Krishna

This book is quite nice if I must say. It was a quick read but I still enjoyed it. I like how Sherlock solves that mystery with the evidence he finds. In the book, two old men are good friends (well at least thats what we think). They were such good friends in fact one offered land for free. One day one of the fathers starts to argue with his son. He wants his son to be married with his friend’s daughter. Though, his son and his friend aren’t in favor of it. Suddenly, after the argument the son called for help since his father laid on the ground with a bullet in his head. The son was accused of killing his own father and was sent to jail. But Sherlock wasn’t convinced and decided to prove the son’s innocence. Even though it was short it kept me hooked and since it is about mysteries. I also enjoyed reading comics like this one.

Pick this book up at the library!