By Francesca

After Luce makes the decision to go through the announcer and look for her past selves, all hell breaks loose. Nobody has any idea as to where in time she went, or who she’ll meet along the way. Both Miles and Shelby, along with the angels Molly, Arrianne, Gabriel, Cam and especially Daniel are now looking for her throughout the many ages of time. But they aren’t the only ones looking. Now the outcasts are after Luce as well. However, Luce is determined not to be found or to return to her own time until she can see for herself the true power of her and Daniel’s love for each other. Why have they remained together for all of these centuries? Is it only because they are destined to be together, or is it actually love? Why does she die over and over again so soon after they find each other? Is there a way for them to be together without her dying and Daniel suffering heartbreak each time? These are all questions that Luce has as she travels through time watching her and Daniel’s shared pasts, looking for something that will help Luce to figure out a way for them to finally be together. But will her endeavors help her find what she is looking for, or will she rewrite the past beyond repair?

This was an amazing book and was just as good as the first two in this series! I cannot wait to read the final book in this series when it comes out this June. This book kept me in suspense the entire time, and had some surprising twists as well. Pick it up at the library today!