By Francesca

If there is one thing that is hated more than anything in Cate’s town of Chatam, Maine; it’s witches. The year is 1900 and the town is ruled by the Brothers, and Cate and her sisters are constantly faced with the pressure of making sure that no one finds out their secret. If people were to find out that they were witches, they would be executed, or sent away to never be seen again. The only problem is that things have become so much harder for Cate and her sisters ever since her mother died. Now Cate is forced with keeping both her and her sisters safe while under the watchful eyes of the brothers. So far, they have been safe and there has been no suspicions about their secret. Then, their father is coerced into hiring a peculiar governess; meaning that now there is one more person in the house to keep their magic from. Not to mention that a prophecy is revealed that will endanger the lives of Cate and her sisters. With all of this occurring, Cate has enough on her mind; but when the new charming, handsome and totally off-limits gardener, Finn Belastra comes into the picture, Cate is more confused than ever. Not only does she have this new forbidden romance; she has all of these new obstacles that include marriage proposals, and other offers that may reveal Cate and her sisters’ secret and tear them apart… for good.

Along with having a magical quality about it, this book was very intense, and had me engaged until the very end. I’m almost certain that once I started reading this book, I only stopped once or twice before continuing on reading through to the end. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out! So, pick it up at the library today!!