By Francesca

Terra is someone who people would describe as ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’. Even her friends are envious of her looks. Basically Terra is the person that every teenage girl wishes she looked like; until they see her scar. The scar is what is called a Port-Wine Stain, which is an angry red splotch splashed across one one of her cheeks. Although, she is constantly covering it in makeup, she is always reminded of its presence, after all, its hard to forget about something that is ruining your life. After going through almost a dozen laser treatments, Terra is convinced that she can never be fixed. All, she wants to do is to leave this town; but her father with his dominant and controlling ways is determined to not let that happen. As Terra’s dreams are crashing around her, she suddenly crosses paths with the cute Goth boy Jacob, who helps her to understand herself more clearly and to tackle the challenges in her life. Will she return to her originally laid out plans, or will she forge her own new path?

This book gave me a lot to think about, and although it had elements of a love story, there was so much more in this book that  made it a great read. It was different than a lot of the other books that  I have read, and focused more on actual real life issues. I enjoyed reading this bo

ok, and I would suggest it to other readers. Pick it up at the library today!