By Francesca

Brittany Ellis is the most popular girl at Fairfield High School; she’s head cheerleader, she’s rich and she is part of the exclusive group of people who reside on the north side of Chicago. Alejandro “Alex” Fuentes, is almost the perfect opposite of  Brittany. He’s a gang-member, he’s most certainly not rich, and to top it off, he lives on the south side. It is a well-known fact in society that the south siders and the north siders dont mix. When chemistry teacher Mrs. Peterson assigns seating partners for the entire year in her class, both Alex and Brittany are in disbelief. Alex thinks Brittany is a stuck up girl who just uses her daddy’s money to buy clothes; Brittany thinks Alex is just another drug user who doesn’t care about anyone else. Basically, they both have a dislike for each other and now they are stuck together from the whole year. They both expect the worst to happen from these new arrangements, but neither of them expect for something completely different to happen. Something called love. Throughout this novel, Brittany and Alex have to overcome their own secret struggles, and to figure out their relationship to each other; while simultaneously getting their classmates and families to accept their relationship. They have to be strong against the many forces threatening to keep them apart.

This book was different from your average novel about two teenagers. Aside from dealing with the struggle of figuring out their feelings for each other, they have to deal with outside problems of their own, and the burdens of “societal norms”. This was a great book and you should pick it up at the library!