ImageBy Francesca 

Remy is a no-nonsense kind of girl. She keeps her life in seemingly perfect order. She’s organized enough for both herself and her mother. And she knows exactly when the right time to break up with a guy is. She has the whole relationship cycle figured out, and as soon as things move past the original romantic rush and start to get emotional, its time to tell him goodbye and to move on to the next guy. Of all people, Remy should know best how long-term relationships turn out. Since her own dad left her,and her brother the first time, her own mother has been married four times already, and is soon to be wed a fifth time. Remy doesn’t plan on love being in any part of her future, but her heart of ice soon begins to thaw when she  meets Dexter. Remy promises herself that he will be just like all of the other guys she’s dated; So why is she finding it so hard to leave him?

In this book containing both heartbreakand comedy, Sarah Dessen portrays that sometimes love isn’t easy, and you never know who you’re going to find it with. 

This book was absolutely adorable, and it is one of my favorite books by this author, I highly suggest reading it if you enjoy love stories!! Get it at the library!!