ImageBy Francesca

Lucinda “Luce” Price, started off as any normal teenage girl; well normal except for the presence of the shadows. After a terrible accident, involving Luce, occurs, she is sent off to the curious boarding school of Sword and Cross in Savannah, Georgia…a school loaded with delinquents and security cameras. Students there aren’t even allowed to have cell phones!  But, soon Luce meets two others, Cameron and Arriane, who she quickly becomes close friends with. Still though, things are looking pretty bleak until she encounters the stunning Daniel Grigori. He is like no one that Luce has ever seen, and she is immediately allured by his air of mystery. But, for some reason Luce feels as though he is strangely familiar. Wouldn’t she remember someone like him though? The more she tries to get close to him, the more he pulls away almost as if he’s hiding something. He continues to blatantly make his dislike for her clear until finally, Luce becomes desperate, and decides that she was going to find out what Daniel could possibly be hiding, no matter what the cost.

This is the first book of the Fallen series, and I absolutely loved this book! If you have a weakness for love stories combined with a little bit of action then this is the prefect book to read!

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