We Beat the Street book cover image  By Rhea

We Beat the Street is an autobiography of the authors’ lives as they grow up.  The three come from impoverished towns around Newark, New Jersey.  In that area, there are many bad things that are very tempting, like making a lot of money selling drugs.  They have to fight the pressure of their peers and not give in, unlike the others they know.  When the three of them meet in Seton Hall, a high school for over-achievers, they instantly form a pact for survival.  They know how hard things will get, especially when there is little money and it is easiest to resort to illegal activities.  The only thing keeping them from giving up their hard work is the hope of becoming doctors and helping their towns become free of violence.  They face many difficulties, some of which change their lives forever.  Will these events stop them from following their dreams and beating the streets?

We Beat the Street is a very inspiring book.  It talks of the boys’ struggles and how they worked hard to overcome their obstacles.  It teaches a great lesson about perseverance and is a great model for kids.  This is a book on the eighth grade summer reading list, which explains why the book had a lesson.  Even then, it is a great book.  It seems like a fictional story, not something that would occur in real life, especially not here where we live.  This is a great book and I feel everyone should read it and learn something from it.