Vampire Rising Book Cover  By Rhea

Vampire Rising is the first in the Alex Van Helsing series.  Alex has just been transferred to a new school in Geneva, Switzerland for getting into a fight with a boy at his old school.  When he sees a white person-like creature kill a man and, after an intense fight, the creature combusts and is turned into dust.  A similar thing happens another day and he happens to see his literature teacher, Sangster, going out on a motorcycle.  Now suspicious, Alex follows him and ends up in a secret agency that fights agaisnt vampires.  After learning about this, his friends are kidnapped by a powerful vampire, Icemaker.  He, along with the vampire killing agency has to find Scholomance, the school for vampires, to save his friends.  After Sangster is injured in an accident, Alex learns that he alone will have to rescue his friends.  With only the aid of a polybow, a gun-like weapon that can kill vampires, Alex will have to take down the whole school of vampires to rescue his friends.  Will he be able to, or will he die?  Read this book to find out!

Vampire Rising is a pretty good book.  It is mainly an action and adventure novel, with lots fighting.  The action is fast paced, and the plot progresses at a rapid speed.  There is nothing really special about the book, but it is still interesting and fun to read.  Unlike the usual book about vampires, this one takes the opposite stance, making vampires the bad guys for once.  All in all it is an interesting book and anyone who likes action books will enjoy this book.