Tunnels Book Cover   By Rhea

Tunnels is about the adventures of Will and Chester as they discover a whole new world hidden from those on Earth. Will’s father works at a museum and is an archaeologist, and Will has learned a thing or two from his him. One day, Will’s father vanishes without informing anyone. Will and Chester start to investigate, and as they do, they find an entrance to a whole new world. They find a lift that takes them down very deep towards the center of the Earth. There, they find themselves in a place completely different from themselves. It turns out they have arrived in the Colony, and, another surprise, this is actually his birthplace. His mother brought him to the world above, but he is a true colonist. Both Will and Chester are put in prison, but because Will is a true member of the Colony, he is let go. While Will is save, it turns out that Chester is in for a horrible fate, and Will is the only one who cares enough to save him. Can Will save Chester, or will they both end up somewhere even worse than prison?

Tunnels is a fantastic, suspenseful book full of many twists. While the book starts off boring, it gets much better as the plot progresses and mysteries begin to unravel. Not once is this book predictable; it keeps the reader on his or her toes. It is very descriptive and thus makes the reader feel as though he or she is actually in the Colony or wherever it is that Will and Chester are. The ending is a “to be continued” ending and thus makes the reader keep waiting for more. Luckily, the second book has already come out, so there is not a long wait. This is one of my favorite books!