The Five Fakirs of Faizabad Book Cover  By Rhea

In The Five Fakirs of Faizabad, by P. B. Kerr, John and Phillipa are at on another adventure to save the world. As John and Phillipa work towards becoming mature djinn, they must complete the task of granting three wishes to someone who really deserves them, and then explore to a board of members why their choice is correct. Phillipa goes to Italy to help the unluckiest man in the world only to find that he is happy with his life. John, on the other hand, goes to the town of Bumby England, which has been very unlucky, with Groanin, his Uncle Nimrod’s butler. John does not have much luck, but while there he finds a white gorilla that no one can seem to see. This gorilla seems to be causing bad luck for the town.  While John and Phillipa try to solve their problems, Nimrod becomes aware of an even larger issue. His friend Moo helps him discover that the luck in the entire world is shifting towards a greater amount of bad luck. He soon discovers that someone is trying to cause bad luck in the world so that they can awaken a mysterious fakir who knows an amazing secret. Nimrod, Moo, John, Phillipa, and Groanin, along with the white gorilla, the unluckiest man in the world, and others, go on a mission to stop the wicked djinn who is messing with the luck before it is too late. Will they be able to save the world?

I really enjoyed The Five Fakirs of Faizabad, just like the previous five books in the Children of the Lamp series. It was my favorite book in this series because it has many different story lines that all come together at the end. There are also many surprises that build upon the previous books in the series even though the books don’t seem related. The plot is good and the book is not a very difficult read, and it is all in all pretty entertaining. Sadly, the ending, at least to me, was annoying. It was surprising, but I also think that it was not a very good way to end the book. Despite this, I think that The Five Fakirs of Faizabad was a great book!