Source Code Movie Cover  By Rhea

In the movie Source Code, soldier Colter Stevens finds himself sitting on a train he doesn’t remember boarding in a place he doesn’t remember going, talking to a woman he has never met. After looking in a mirror he learns that he is not himself, but is in the body of another man. After trying to figure out what is going on, the train explodes and he finds himself in a dark chamber with a computer screen. The woman on the screen, Goodwin, informs Stevens that he is on a mission for the government in order to save many lives. As it turns out, Stevens is taking part in a government program in which he takes goes into the consciousness of a man in his final eight minutes before death using the source code in order to find out vital information. In this case, Stevens is sent to the last eight minutes of a man who died on a train that exploded because of a hidden bomb. It is up to Colter Stevens to keep going back until he can find out who the bomber is. If he can do this, he can save many people from the possible second bombing expected in downtown Chicago. If not, innumerable lives will be lost.

While I like most movies I see, there are very few movies that I truly love. However, I absolutely loved Source Code. The plot is great and surprising. The line “expect the unexpected” completely applies to this movie. It is also interesting to see how small actions greatly change the final outcome of the bombing every time Stevens goes into the consciousness of the man. All in all the plot is amazing. Many people said that the movie was not good because it was the same eight minutes repeated again and again. This is most definitely not true. While each eight minutes start the same, they all become drastically different, and are thus not the same eight minutes repeated. Also, the ending was very good. Without giving too much away, the ending had a nice surprise which was, at least for me, both happy and sad. The ending may seem slightly confusing so it is really important to pay close attention at that time. Source Code is a fantastic movie!