Soul Surfer Movie Cover   By Rhea

Soul Surfer is a movie based on the real life story of Bethany Hamilton.  Bethany was a great surfer; it was what she was meant to do.  She and her friend Alana had just gotten sponsors and she had a promising future as a professional surfer.  All her dreams came crashing down one fateful day.  While surfing with her friend Alana and her family, Bethany is attacked by a shark.  The shark manages to bite off one of Bethany’s arms before she gets out of the water.  She is quickly transported to the hospital and, even after losing one arm, holds onto life while she makes it through; her arm does not.  Along with her arm, she loses not only her career as a pro surfer, but also any chance of surfing.  How can Bethany possibly continue without surfing, the thing she loves most?

As said before, Soul Surfer is based on a real story which makes it all the more sad and inspiring.  It is really hard to believe that this could happen to someone and the entire story is inspiring, without giving anything away.  Sadly, there is very little action in this movie, but that doesn’t make it any worse.  The only thing is that this movie is slow at parts.  The effects in the movie are really good, and it truly looks like the actress playing Bethany doesn’t have an arm.  Over all it is a good movie and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!