Saturn Apartments Book Cover  By Rhea

In Saturn Apartments, all people live on a large ring encircling the Earth because it is now a nature preserve. Mitsu lives on the lowest, or poorest, level of this ring. His father was a window-washer who died many years ago in a window-washing accident, and now Mitsu is following in his footsteps. After recently completing junior high school, Mitsu has decided to get this job. He is very young compared to most of the other window-washers, and he is paired with a very strict washer. He has difficulty on the job, but as he works and meets new people, he learns more about his father, and more about himself.

Saturn Apartments is a manga, a Japanese comic. The story is good. It is made up of small little stories and events that all build upon one another. It is difficult to describe this book. It is definitely not adventure. It is just the story of a little boy growing up. Even then, the story is interesting and sometimes sad. Since it is a manga, it is made up of pictures. I myself do not like the art very much, but that is because I am used to a slightly different style of art. The art is not bad, it is just different. Overall, this is a pretty good manga. One should give it a try even if they do not usually read manga.