Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie Cover  By Rhea

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is about a man named Dodge Landon who has created a drug that can make apes smarter.  Landon hopes to make a drug that will cure Alzheimer’s.  When he tries to use it on an ape in the lab for testing, it gets mad and almost bites of a man’s arm.  After this incident, Landon’s boss tells him he cannot experiment on apes anymore.  Later, Landon and his assistant find out that the ape was just being protective of her baby, who Landon now has the responsibility of keeping for a couple of days.  He soon gets attached to it and names it Caesar.  He tests the drug on Caesar and his brain function starts to improve, so Landon teaches him sign language.  Sadly, he learns that the drug does not work on humans, which was the original intent.  Still, it works on apes and makes them smarter.  However, this poses problems since because it makes the apes too smart and thus powerful, which may lead to undesirable consequences.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is an excellent movie.  First of all, the effects are amazing.  The apes look like actual apes, even though they are most obviously computer created.  This makes the movie so much more interesting and believable.  Also, the storyline is good.  It is very fast paced, and there is a ton of action.  The movie keeps one on the edge of his or her seat, even though it is not 3-D.  I really loved this movie, and it is a must-watch!