Pastworld Book Cover  By Rhea

In Pastword, the year is 2050. London has become an old-fashioned theme park. It is now Victorian London, and visitors get to enjoy the thrill of living back in the day. Eve is an inhabitant of Pastworld. She has lived with a man named Jack forever, and he has always kept her sheltered. However, she runs away when she finds out that she may bring danger to Jack. Caleb is the son of a man who played a big role in the creation of Pastworld. He is visiting Pastworld with his father, who is there on important business. However, Caleb’s father is kidnapped by the theme park’s version of Jack the Ripper, the Fantom. Caleb meets a boy named Bible J who helps him out when Caleb is confused and lost, and then he meets Eve. Eve and Caleb have a special connection. Yet for some reason the Phantom has a special connection to Eve as well. The Fantom continues his horrific acts, and the three become connected in unseen ways. Why are they drawn to each other?

Pastworld was an interesting new story unlike any I have heard before. Often there are book that, while they seem different, are basically about the same thing. However, I have never read a book that deals with this type of plot before. It is interesting to see how all the characters are connected and what their stories are. Like I said, the plot is like nothing I have read before, and thus was very fun to read. There is also lots of description in the book that make the story even more realistic. I loved how the book starts to go one way only to take a surprising turn that changes everything. This is a very good book!