Morpheus Road: The Black Book Cover  By Rhea

In The Black, Cooper Foley was trying to lie low for a while after getting caught by the police for selling fake tickets to a game.  His parents send him to their lakeside cottage.  While there, during the middle of the night, Cooper goes out into the sea and relaxes on his boat without any lights on.  All of a sudden everything goes black, and he somehow ends up back near his house.  But things aren’t right.  None of the usual people are there, and when he sees his dead grandpa, his fears are confirmed:  he has entered the Black, the place where spirits go.  Cooper Foley is dead.  He then meets Damon, a military general from Macedonia, who tells him some shocking news.  First of all, Damon is the one who killed Cooper by using special powers and manipulating the reality around Cooper.  Second, Damon needs Cooper and his living friend Marshall to find and destroy specific items for him and Cooper to live again.  To do this, Damon is haunting Cooper’s friend.  Cooper doesn’t know what to do.  Should he help Damon or try to save his friend?

The Black is the second book in the series, and it is just as good as the first book.  The first book, The Light was the same story, but through the eyes of Cooper’s friend Marshall.  This book is the same story but seen through Cooper’s eyes.  While the first concentrates on the events that occurred in Marshall’s life, this one focus’ on the events occurring in Cooper’s life at the same time.  It’s really interesting and unpredictable even though it mirrors the previous book.  There isn’t a boring moment in this book because right when one event ends, another one starts.  This is an amazing book and a must-read!