Mars Needs Moms Movie Cover  By Rhea

In Mars Needs Moms, Milo is a little boy who does not like to listen to his mother.  He hates to do his chores, he hates taking out the trash, and he hates eating broccoli.  One day, after he feeds his broccoli to the cat, his mom tells him that he may not watch TV.  Milo gets mad and says that he wishes he didn’t have a mom.  At the same time on Mars, a new group of baby Martians is being born and the people of Mars need a mom from Earth to take her skills as a good parent so that they can raise the new children.  The Martians decide that Milo’s mom is perfect because she is able to make her son do what she wants.  Because of this, the night after Milo and his mother’s fight, the Martians come to take Milo’s mom away.  Milo tries to stop them and in the process is put onto the spaceship and taken to Mars.  Now not only does Milo need to get back down to Earth, but he also has to save his mom.  However, it isn’t that easy to get away from these Martians.

Mars Needs Moms is actually a nice movie.  I expected it to be a lame movie, and at first it seemed like the usual Disney movie.  However, it wasn’t that bad.  The storyline was much better than expected with the usual plot twists that make the movie good.  Also, the animation in the movie was good too.  The characters seemed very realistic, not only in their behavior but also with their facial expressions.  There were also some funny moments in the movie.  Much to my surprise, the movie was enjoyable.